I thought I’d update everyone on what I’m doing.

Since graduating with my degree in biology, I’ve moved to Denver and live with my sister. I’m currently working three jobs: I’m a server at a Japanese restaurant, a dog walker, and a nanny. The money is fine, the constant thoughts of “get a real job applying to your degree” are not.

This brings me to the topic of what we’re expected to do.

We’re expected to go to college, get an internship in your field, then immediately get a job in that field, in which you’ll work for the rest of your life. Often times when I’m asked what I’m doing, I get odd reactions. “When are you going to get a real job? How does this apply to biology? What are your plans for the next five years?” And more often than not, the people asking me this have been in their field for years and don’t seem happy. Pardon me if I want to explore my options before jumping head first into something.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what my plans are. I’m headed to Frisco to be a snowboard instructor for a few months, which I think I’ll enjoy. After that, who the hell knows. Stay tuned.




  1. LIVE YOUR LIFE FAM. Do whatever you want or need to be fulfilled. Don’t let the weight of trying to figure it out distract you from what fuels you. And don’t settle, because in this day and age why CAN’T you have it all? Trust yourself, and shed the rest.
    Miss you xoxo


    1. You’re so right dude, I just need to shake these negative feelings off! I’m usually pretty good about pursuing my interests, I guess I’m just in a little bit of a rut right now with all the change I’ve been going through. Thanks for the kind words girl, miss you and Savannah so much ❤


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