Alright, so I didn’t really vote for Trump. But I bet many of you reading this were ready to completely change your opinion about me as a person and approached this with anger.

This election is fucking crazy. Seriously, like the most insane thing I’ve watched unfold in my lifetime. My timeline is filled with opinions on who’s right and who’s wrong and why you’re evil if you do this and why you’re an idiot if you think that. Every time I turn on my television, there’s some bizarre ad campaign painting Trump as a buffoon or Clinton as a literal murderer. Even kids haven’t been shielded from the madness- I guess there was some sort of vote for children on the presidency? Because, you know, children are totally capable of forming their own opinions on something as complicated as politics.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am truly shocked at the anger and hypocrisy I’ve been seeing from a lot of people. I’ve seen posts where people are literally un-friending people because of which party they choose to support. Now, obviously it’s ok to not want to be friends with somebody because their posts are outrageous or spreading hate, but if you seriously see a post that says “I’m with her”or “Make America Great Again” and immediately disregard that person and their opinions, you are defying (and often times ironically) one of the very fundamental building blocks of this nation; freedom of speech.

You’re allowed to believe whatever you want. You’re allowed to say whatever you want. Not everyone who supports Trump is a racist asshole. Not everyone who supports Clinton is a whiny liberal. I don’t understand what it is about this concept is so hard for people to understand.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how people seem to think bullying someone into voting for another opponent is going to actually work. It’s not. It’s like those pseudo-intellectuals that argue with those crazy preachers on campus that yell about hell fire and abortions. Do you really think you’re going to change this persons mind by being an asshole? Maybe if you were actually interested in having an intelligent, unemotional conversation about your differing opinions you could actually find some common ground and make a difference. Unfortunately, the case seems to be that people are just looking to start arguments.

I’m not going to go into details about my political beliefs or anything like that. I’m just trying to make the point that in the end, politics are just politics. You deal with the craziness of elections every four years, a new person is elected, and your life hardly changes. The relationships you poison by belittling people and resenting others will truly cause a riff in your life. I wonder if that’s worth it.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

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