Whenever I need inspiration for my blog, I log onto this funny thing called facebook.

Oh, facebook. I wonder if Zuckerberg knew what his innocent platform to keep people connected would morph into. What started as a simple idea to connect with friends and family has turned into a place for the average joe to yell their opinions into the infinite abyss that is the internet.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love hearing what people have to say about certain things. I love the long, ranting statuses; the embarrassing pictures posted without consent; quite simply, I love the drama.

But is it ok for me to indulge on the drama daily? No. It’s toxic. There’s hardly anytime I log onto facebook and leave feeling better. I usually leave feeling annoyed.

Facebook serves as a platform for people to portray who they’d like to be to the world. It’s easy to write an outrageous status, click “post,” then feel the immediate validation with each incoming like. But these things people post, these opinions people have, the way people attack others so openly and mindlessly… would they be able to do this in person? Would they be able to look someone in the eye and confidently say to them what they so easily type?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to feel more comfortable writing something out than saying it in person. That’s normal. Hell, I have a freaking blog. Obviously the internet takes away the element of real-life reactions, which makes expressing radical ideas easier.  I suppose my frustration is seeded in the fact that a lot of people I see being so outspoken on the internet are not so outspoken in “real life.” These grand stances they take on many issues are often the result of a silent brainwashing one gets from being constantly logged onto the internet. Do they really care that this or that happened? Or are they just jumping onto the band-wagon of other rage-fueled statuses? (Hilarious example: Harambe.) Is this something they truly feel deeply about, or is this just an embarrassing moment of ego-fueled self indulgence they’re blindly exposing for others to see?

And let’s be honest- you don’t often see a long status full of things people are grateful for or are happy about. It’s always full of rage, anger, or hate. It may even quite ironically be boasting love and acceptance while simultaneously putting others down.

Like I said, it gives people a chance to portray who they hope to be, not who they truly are. So what’s so bad about that? Well, when I think about why it feels wrong to me, I feel like it’s because I’m being lied to. I feel like it’s odd to put out a persona that isn’t your authentic self. Not only is it wrong for you, but wrong for others who think to themselves, “Why can’t I be as open/brave as that?” To me, it’s the same concept as photoshopped models in magazines. That’s not you. And there’s people who compare themselves to this fake version of you . It feels almost hypocritical.

Anyway, happy facebooking!

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