Hey everyone! Thought I’d write up a little post on my mini-vacation today.

Since moving to Colorado, Sean and I have been talking about visiting the natural hot springs. Turns out, there were some only an hour away! So we did a little research, booked a hotel, and headed down to Glenwood Springs.

At the start of our trip, we hiked a little ways along a trail called the Rio Grande Trail. This trail is about 42 miles long and goes from Glenwood Springs all the way to Aspen. It follows the Roaring Fork River, which also connects to the Colorado River. We only hiked around a mile or two, but it was a nice paved trail and a beautiful sunny day.

Afterwords, we headed to the Glenwood Hot Springs. These springs are naturally heated, reaching temperatures of 120’F. The waters are cooled to around 94-105’F and contain up to 15 minerals including calcium, chloride, sodium, sulfate, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, boron, lithium, phosphate, silica, fluoride, and nitrogen. The springs are said to have many health benefits and were originally used by the Ute Indians, who called the springs Yampah, which literally means “big medicine.” Not only were the waters extremely relaxing, but after swimming I found my skin to be silky smooth!

Lastly, we checked into The Hotel Colorado. This hotel was built in 1893 and was modeled after the Villa de Midici in Rome. The hotel was known for hosting many famous visitors and was often frequented by Teddy Roosevelt. Some believe the hotel is haunted, as it was turned into a hospital for a time and the basement was used as a crematorium. Sean and I explored the hotel, seeing if we could find anything interesting. At one point, right as we were walking to the front of the hotel, a wire exploded and shot sparks through the air.

The hotel is grand and feels like taking a walk through an earlier time. We explored the basement, which was empty and quiet. All the doors were locked. We also went to the top floor and found a narrow, winding staircase leading to the roof of the hotel.

All in all, it was a beautiful day. If you ever visit Colorado, be sure to visit Glenwood Springs; you won’t be disappointed!

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