Soooo, I’ve skipped about 4 days of my 30 day writing challenge. I’m not surprised because this is just who I am as a person. But, just like when I mess up my diets, I don’t completely give up on the effort. The prudent thing to is to just pick up where I left off.

The reason for the delay in my writing is I’ve been crazy busy. I’ve been going through some personal family things which I plan on updating you guys with soon. I’ve also recently moved to Greenwich, Connecticut with Sean where we will be living with my aunt and uncle until the beginning of August. We plan on making a lot of NYC trips, so hit me up NY friends! I was also recently at my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah which was perhaps the most lit event I’ve ever attended???

For this post, we’ll be discussing what makes me most happy. I’m a naturally pretty happy person, but to be honest, I’m also a very easily stressed person. I feel lately that I’ve been focusing much more on the negative aspects of my life, so I think this post will serve as a great exercise in gratitude. Anyway, let’s pick up where we left off!

What Are Five Things That Make You Most Happy Right Now?

  1. My wittle kitty babies.
    1. Alright, I have issues, but these cats feel like my children. They are objectively (don’t argue with me) the cutest and sweetest and most perfect cats in existence. When I come home I am legitimately filled with love when I see their little furry faces laying on the bed waiting for me. Judge me if you must, but until you have your own kitty children, you’ll never understand <333.
  2. My relationships.
    1. More specifically, my dad, sisters, and boy friend. I am truly blessed to have these people in my life. I feel like no matter how bad I mess up in life, I’ll always have them to turn to. The fact that I have even a single person in my life who genuinely gives a crap about me truly makes me happy.
  3. My upcoming trip to Colorado.
    1. I am SO excited to be returning to Colorado in a few weeks! My little sister will be there and I just can’t wait to be back in nature. I feel like I’ve been extremely disconnected lately and when I was in Colorado there was something about seeing the Rockies every day that truly felt grounding. I’m more excited than I can adequately express to be back with my family and get to spend time with my dad and sisters.
  4. Living in Connecticut.
    1. My uncle and aunt have been gracious enough to let me and my boyfriend stay in their guest house for three months rent free. This honestly makes me feel so grateful and I’m so happy that I’m close enough with my family to be able to spend this kind of time with them. I think these days people don’t value the relationships they have with their family enough and I just feel blessed to have a family that cares about forging and strengthening these bonds.
  5. My nails.
    1. Yes, you read that right. My nails are freaking gorgeous right now and I can’t stop staring at them. Don’t hate.

There you have it, folks. The five things that currently get me going.


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