Day eight of the 30 day writing challenge! Yay!

I’ve legit been so productive today, I’d just like to give myself a pat on the back. I made a todo list last night of 19 things and have completed 12 so far, so I’d say I’ve done pretty good for my extremely low standards. I am now taking a break to write, which brings me to the first of five passions.

What Are Five Passions You Have?

  1. Writing.
    • And I mean anything. Stories, poetry, songs, blogs, detailed descriptions of my days, articles; anything. I’ve been into writing since I received my first Lisa Frank Diary in first grade. I have about three entire diaries filled front and back from when I was six all the way to now. I think I’ve always used it as a form of therapy, though I never really realized it. It’s incredibly entertaining to go back and read my diaries from when I was younger. For example, when I was six, I got mad at my friend Courtney for liking a boy I liked. I then proceeded to say that “I hope she kisses Devin so hard she dies.” I sure told her. I also had this extremely creepy habit of dedicating entire pages to my crushes. I would look up their addresses and phone numbers in a directory and write that down along with a list of things I liked about them. Yikes. I also love writing fiction in any form. My freshman year one of my favorite classes was my creative writing class. I find it to be a really fun way to express yourself without revealing too much. But, most importantly, I like how writing things down seems to take a weight off of my shoulders. There’s so many times I’ve read what I wrote a while ago and realized my problems were so minimal that it often puts my current problems into perspective.
  2. Makeup.
    • It started when I was a little girl watching my mom put on makeup. There was something really mesmerizing about seeing her spread foundation over a fresh face and seeing life brought to her cheeks with a swipe of blush. I was always sneaking into her bathroom and trying on lipstick, awing myself with how fine my seven-year-old-self looked with poorly applied lipstick. As I got older, I discovered the magic of youtube makeup gurus. I was addicted to the videos of the classic Michelle Phan and eagerly awaited her new videos to come out. I spend way more than I probably should on makeup, but I really love how you can change your entire look with a few colors.
  3. Animals
    • So if you know me, this should be an obvious passion. It started when I came out of the womb and continues to grow with each passing day. I was constantly bringing home abandoned baby birds, stray dogs, and any other animals I felt needed my little self’s help, much to my dad’s dismay. In college, I ran my own animal boarding business and one weekend had about 17 animals in my non pet-friendly apartment. When I see an animal, I don’t just see some distant creature. I see something that loves, fears, and cares just like I do and should be treated and respected as such.
  4. Singing.
    • Ok, I’m not the best singer in the world, but that doesn’t stop me from belting it out at karaoke or constantly singing given the chance. I don’t know what it is, but I just love it. When I was in sixth grade, this one girl referred to me as “the girl that sings all the time.” I was super embarrassed and didn’t realize walking down the halls singing out loud was something anyone noticed. I think this is a testament to my passion.
  5. Traveling.
    • I love traveling. I am a military brat, so I think moving around just awoke this passion. I love everything about traveling; having something to look forward to, the new food, the new smells, the new architecture, new languages, the airport; everything. Besides it just being fun to explore new places, I genuinely love learning about new cultures. Being exposed to new people and places never makes me less understanding; actually, the opposite. I am on a constant journey of trying to improve as a person and I find traveling to  be one of the most humbling and enlightening experiences life has to offer.

There you have it, guys. Caroline Roth’s list of super-duper-interesting-life-chaning-passions. Absorb it; live it; learn it; love it. See you next time.

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