I’ve cracked open a coors light and am sitting down in my big comfy bed to welcome day nine of the 30 day writing challenge. I spent the day in NYC with my little cousin Julia today and I swear that girl ran me ragged. But, it was a great day and I love getting to see her grow up. She is absolutely insane and can at times be a brat, but I can’t help but love her. I see a lot of myself in her and there’s something about knowing a kid from when they were little that that softens you up.

Moving on, let’s begin.

List 10 People Who Have Influenced You and Describe How.

  1. My father.
    • Obviously, he is the person who raised me so of course he influenced me, but let’s put the obvious aside. I admire his intelligence, practicality, morality, good nature, and hard working attitude. I believe these were characteristics that really rubbed off on me and he have become those little voices who drive me to do well.
  2. My older sister.
    • If you know me, you know how close I am to my older sister. When I was little, I literally wanted to be her, but that’s the shallow point of influence. Her raw intelligence, creativity, and endless humor inspire me every time we facetime, which is probably an unnatural and unhealthy amount.
  3. Steve Irwin.
    • I swear I think this man might be the reason I feel the need to tell people random facts about animals despite being a 22 year old girl and not actually on the autism spectrum.
  4. Carl Sagan.
    • If you’ve read any of his books or watched the original Cosmos, just try and tell me you didn’t leave that shit feeling like an astronomer. Who needs advanced physics with calculus when you have “Pale Blue Dot?”
  5. My grandma.
    • My grandma is awesome. She’s 85 years old and radiates class, elegance, and intelligence. She also happens to be a 5’1″ package of hilarity. She will hate on someone right to their face and do it in such a classy manner that they won’t even know she’s hating on them.

So there’s a lot more people I could list here, but for the sake of time and the fact that I’d like to shower, let’s leave it here. See you next time!

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