E.L.E.V.E.N. YAY! I’m feeling extra excited today. Not necessarily because of this post, but because I had an awesome day yesterday and tomorrow is my birthday!

Yesterday my boyfriend took me to NYC for an early birthday surprise. We went to an awesome sushi restaurant on broadway and then we saw “The Book of Mormon” which, let me tell you, is hilarious. Afterwards we went to meet with a friend and ended the night on a beautiful rooftop bar. Before we begin, I’m gonna add a few photos from the night, just for my own personal enjoyment.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about things that annoy the shit out of me!

Describe 10 Pet Peeves You Have:

  1. When people burp in my face. Seriously, that’s disgusting.
  2. When people put their dirty feet in my bed. THIS IS MY CLEAN SPACE.
  3. When people won’t try a new food. I know this shouldn’t bother me, but I want them to have a new experience, damn it.
  4. When people ask me what my “plans” are. My plan is to be happy and not poor. Ok?
  5. Water splashed all over the counter when someone brushes their teeth/washes their face. CLEAN IT UP!
  6. When people claim that something is off limits in comedy and try to make you feel like an asshole for joking about it. IT’S FUNNY, GET OVER IT.
  7. When people sing to me and look at me. I don’t really know how to respond to that…
  8. The sound of seatbelt fabric being rubbed when it gets pulled out to be clipped on. Ugh it makes me cringe.
  9. Odd numbers. I hate them.
  10. When people complain they have no money but then go out to eat everyday.

So if you want to upset me, here’s a todo list. See you next time!

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