I wake up at at the break of dawn; I don’t set an alarm clock, that’s for betas. I do one hour of pilates and eat a perfectly balanced meal; 30% carbs, 20% fat, and 50% protein. I then sit down and read 30 minutes of my self-help book; something along the lines of “be your best you” or “how to stop being lazy and be badass.” I look at the clock; it’s 8:00 a.m. I get in my eco-friendly 2017 car and make my way to my dream job. I’m greeted by my best friends, who also happen to work at this dream job with me. I chill, play a little solitare, take a long lunch, and before I know it it’s 3 p.m. That’s right, I work from 8-3. I also just made $3000; chump change.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at how my life has really been lately.

What is a Typical Day in Your Current Life?

I wake up; it’s 12:00. Shit, I really need to get a job. I head to my cousin’s house to walk their adorable french bull dog. I drive there in my 2003 Toyota 4runner that may or may not need a serious trip to the mechanic. I get there and park while the neighborhood stares at me because of the shrill screeching coming from my car. I get to the house and let Cooper out of his pen. I roll around on the floor with him for five minutes then take him for a little walk. I put him back, drink a spiked seltzer, then head home. Home is a cottage behind my uncle’s house. I strap my fat grey cat into a harness and we drive to visit my grandparents. My grandma recently moved here and I need to visit her everyday to make sure she’s ok. She likes the cat, so I bring him. We get there and I see my grandparents. I hang out with them for about an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. We either watch t.v., go for coffee, or just catch up and talk. I leave and head back home. Sean’s on break so we go hang out and grab a snack, It’s now six. My aunt and uncle are off work so we all go get something to eat. I get back and we either talk, play board games, or watch a move. After that, I go back to the cottage and plan for my upcoming trips, unpack more of my stuff, then catch up on some personal errands. Sean gets off work and we take a little midnight drive to Wendy’s for a snack. We get back, turn on the office, then eventually fall asleep.

This is pretty much how my off days have been so far. Throw in a sprinkle of anxiety and there you have it. It’s only been like this for about a week as I’ve been traveling a lot and attending a lot of events, but on my days off, this is what it looks like. When I get back from my two week trip to Colorado I definitely plan on organizing my life a little more, but for now, I’m not complaining. Hasta luego.

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