Lucky number 13, yet I have to discuss the things that hold me back from being my most awesome self. Let’s knock it out.

Describe Five Weaknesses You Have:

  1. I care way too much about what people think about me.
    • Well, this is actually my default setting. I’ve worked really hard on not letting it get to me as much as it used to and it definitely doesn’t stop me from doing what I want, but still, it’s a natural weakness I have. It’s like if someone doesn’t like me I don’t change my behavior, but I feel it and it does cause some inner turmoil for me. It used to be a pretty big problem in my life but I’ve recognized it and am definitely 100 times better than I used to be.
  2. I get really easily annoyed.
    • This is what my family endearingly calls “The Roth family curse.” I guess we’re just a bunch of easily irritable people. I try not to let it show, but I can’t help it sometimes. It’s usually the most ridiculous things that shouldn’t get on my nerves too. For instance, if I’m organizing my my sock drawer and someone starts talking to me, my initial thoughts are “Get out of my face, can’t you see I’m busy?” This is totally unacceptable and again something I’m working on.
  3. I sleep way too much.
    • I don’t know what the hell is going on but I am seriously always tired. For example, I slept a solid 10 hours last night and was exhausted all day. “Well maybe she was busy today,” you may ask yourself. The answer is no. I sat around all day am still feel like I just ran a marathon. Left to my own devices, I’ve been known to sleep for 16 hours. True story.
  4. I’m addicted to social media.
    • The first thing I do in the morning is check my texts, my instagram, and then my facebook. Repeat about 25 times throughout the day. This is a horrible habit that I’m trying to cut down on, but I’m also afraid I’ll miss out on dank memes, which would be a tragedy.
  5. I shop too much.
    • Ok, this I’m actually managing to control these days. It really started to become a problem when I had a new Kylie Lip Kit coming in the mail every weekend and I soon realized I could’ve paid my rent with the amount of lipsticks I had accumulated. Again, this one I’m managing well, but it is a natural weakness I have, which I blame on my grandma and mother.

Oh, and if you’re my employer, my actual answers are:

  1. I work too hard.
  2. I care too much.
  3. I make my coworkers jealous with my awesome work ethic.
  4. I tend to hyper focus on tasks.
  5. I am just like, way too organized.

Thanks for reading!

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