Day 14. My natural inclination is to put myself down and to attribute anything good about myself to some outside source. I have a tendency to not give myself credit when it is due. Perhaps this will serve as an exercise in self confidence, which I think every 23 year old person could stand to do.

Describe 5 Strengths You Have:

  1. I’m a hard worker.
    • Is it possible to be a hard worker and a lazy POS at the same time? YES! I am a living, breathing example of this. Though I love sleeping, vegging out, and netflix marathons, I also have a strong affinity to overload my schedule, survive on 5 hours of sleep, and get things done. At one point while I was in college, I was taking a full course load (15 hours), had a part time job (20 hours), had two internships, and managed my own little at-home pet sitting business. So I’m gonna say when I need to, I work pretty damn hard.
  2. I’m personable.
    • Ok, not all the time, and if I gave into my natural introvert tendencies you probably wouldn’t hear from me. But I believe when I need to, I can definitely bring a good energy to a group. This isn’t always the case and I don’t really feel like this, but I’ve had people tell me this so whatever.
  3. I stay true to myself.
    • Maybe some people don’t think this is a strength and take it more as a weakness, which I could see. You are definitely more likely to have a wider circle of friends in your life if you conform to the groups around you. I’m not saying this as an “I’m better than everyone else,” because “staying true to yourself” can mean doing things that just aren’t right. But, in the end, I enjoy the group of people I have in my life, so I’m gonna say keeping myself the same in all situations has had more pros than cons.
  4. I’m pretty good at finding ways to make money.
    • Maid; nanny; babysitter; dog walker; house sitter; plant waterer; personal driver; I’m above none of these and have, in fact, done all of them. The driving motivation is that I really like to shop and will work any and all odd jobs I can find on craigslist,, nextdoor, dogvacay, etc. to fund this habit. I also used to buy and resell iPhones for a profit, amongst other random finds.
  5. I’m reliable.
    • Ok, I might not always return your call and may cancel plans last minute, but for important things, I’m reliable. If you need a job done, I’ll do it. If you need help in a time of need, I’ll be there. I care a lot about how my actions effect other people, so it drives me to want to please them, which in turn makes me a pretty reliable person.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Jesus, this girl has a really high opinion of herself.” That’s simply not true, to be honest.  I don’t hate myself or anything, but writing this stuff out was honestly really cringey for me and embarrassing. I guess that’s what’s good about this writing challenge though; it’s pushing me to talk about things I don’t normally want to. Until next time.

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