If someone feels the need to tell me they are a certain type of person, I usually take that as a direct confession that they are probably the exact opposite.
“I’m the type of girl that hates drama!”

“I’m the type of guy that doesn’t care what people think about me!”
A.K.A., she lives for drama and he does, in fact, care what people think about him. 
It’s funny how often times people that accumulate large followings end up proving that they are not what they represent. You know, like the cult followers that claim to be about “love and acceptance” end up treating their followers like slaves, or the holy priest that ends up being a molester. This applies to large and small instances. Maybe it’s not necessarily a priest, but maybe just your neighborhood drama queen who bashes people for doing something, but you know for a fact does it themselves. Like, a girl who claims to not like attention from guys but you know for a fact she posts on anonymous forums with naked pictures of herself, on a forum dedicated to men for ogling women. Or maybe it’s someone who writes long statuses about acceptance and being judgement free, but you’ve personally seen them bully someone or judge someone for arbitrary things.
I think, often times, the people that are so outspoken and opinionated about something do so because they hate a certain part of themselves and want to make it seem like they are nothing like that. You know, like the homophobe who is actually gay. What’s more interesting to me though is that these people usually end up getting a lot of positive reinforcement. Like, people celebrating their “braveness.” Are these people cheering them on because they too want to be perceived in a certain way? Are they truly fooled by the blatant hypocrisy? I guess maybe it’s just a good feeling to get behind a cause, real or not, and have someone else stand on the platform for you. 

The Spoiled Millennial 

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