I recently watched “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on netflix, which I highly suggest! I read the series when I was younger and it was spectacular seeing it brought to life. While watching the series, I remembered just how incredibly frustrating it is. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s pretty much about three children whose parents die in a fire and their life goes on to pretty much be, well, a series of unfortunate events. There is a man, Count Olaf, who is constantly trying to sabotoge their lives in order to take their fortune. Every time they get a new family to live with, Count Olaf arrives in a ridiculously obvious disguise and ends up killing their new guardians. The children try their hardest to explain this to the adults they hope to trust, only to be completely disregarded.

What I like so much about this series is a meaning I’ve derived from it: often times, children are trying to communicate real issues with adults, only to be disregarded because, well, they are children. They’re either ignored or brushed under the rug, whether it be the adults are too oblivious to see the truth, they don’t care, or they don’t want to get involved. I understand this feeling all too well. I remember being a child and feeling this frustration. Without going into too much details about my past, I remember often times trying to tell the adults in my life that something bad was happening, only to get no response. It hurt and I remember telling myself that when I was an adult I would always listen to kids and try to help them if I could.

I’m an adult now and it hurts even more to see it happening to other children. I’ve come to some rather startling conclusions about life: parents don’t always have their children’s best interest at heart and age has literally nothing to do with maturity. I believe, for the most part, people are born innocent. If not, the right environment can help them. Children are literally just small adults without filters. For the most part, children do not lie. They may lie about whether they broke the vase or if they brushed their teeth, but when it comes to people they are usually telling the truth. It’s natural to believe what the adult is saying because, well, they’re the adult. You expect them to tell the truth and to have the child’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately I’ve realized that just really is not always the case. It hurts to see and I’m truly at a loss as to how to handle situations where children are in bad spots. I always want to come in and save the day, probably as some form of saving for little Caroline, but it always is just so complicated and it ends up consuming my mind. I don’t ever want to stop helping children if I can, I just wish it didn’t hurt my heart so much to see their situations and still feel so powerless.

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